Kochi’s Solar Airport × AJ+
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Kochi’s Solar Airport × AJ+

A series of short documentaries about solar innovation in developing countries for the Al Jazeera network

From India to Uganda, solar power is revolutionising the way everyday people access energy.


As an independent video journalist, our director Miranda Grant researched, pitched and produced a series of short docs about solar innovation in developing countries for the Al Jazeera network. These videos have been viewed almost a million times across Youtube, Facebook and the AJ+ app.

Inside the world’s first solar airport

Cochin International Airport in Kerala, India, is ditching traditional energy and using solar, blazing the way for all airports in India to invest in the power of the future.  (AJ+ India)

A solar suitcase that’s helping deliver babies

In Uganda, the UN Foundation-funded solar suitcase is going a long way to help health workers deliver babies without using expensive battery-powered flashlights or dirty kerosene lanterns. (AJ+ Uganda)

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India, Uganda

Climate change, Energy