From the ground up × The New Humanitarian
A video journalism series on local humanitarian response from the ground up
IRIN, local aid, international aid, humanitarian, crisis, emergency, funding, Kenya, Lebanon, Syria, Rohingya, Bangladesh, documentary, video production, journalism, narrative reporting
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In the past years, the aid sector has made broad commitments to transform the way aid is funded and delivered. These “localisation” promises have stalled, but local aid workers are already at the forefront in emergencies around the world.


The New Humanitarian commissioned our team to produce a 4-part documentary series that explores what local aid looks like on the ground.


The series profiles local responders at the heart of three very different crises: a doctor bringing a rare palliative care programme to Bangladesh’s Rohingya refugee camps; a Syrian refugee helping out-of-school students get an education in Lebanon; and an aid worker trying to bring divided communities together in drought-hit northern Kenya.

From the ground up: Inside the push to reshape aid

The Healer: In Rohingya camps, a local response reaches untreated refugees

The Peacebuilder: A local approach to defusing conflict in drought-hit northern Kenya

The Educator: In Lebanon, a local push brings the classroom to out-of-school refugees

Our team

Miranda Grant - Producer, writer, editor | Tim Mwaura - Cinematographer | Hilary Heuler - Field producer

Aid, Climate change, Education, Health
Bangladesh, crisis, emergency, funding, humanitarian, international aid, IRIN, Kenya, Lebanon, local aid, Rohingya, Syria