Clean Energy for Sustainable Development × GIVEWATTS
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Clean Energy for Sustainable Development × GIVEWATTS

This multimedia project has been crafted to drive GIVEWATTS 2019 end-of-year campaign to raise awareness and funds for their work in East Africa. The package consists of an engaging social-media-first video, a library of photos and short testimonials. The content is crafted to target audiences across Europe.


Jesper Hörnberg, co-founder of GIVEWATTS, talks about how the organisation addresses challenges brought about by climate change.


“Climate change is real. It’s affecting the entire planet. Some countries are more affected now than othersThose are primarily the poor countries. Countries that don’t have resilience built into their systems to cope with external shocks.”

– Jesper Hörnberg

Produced ×

Our team

Miranda Grant - Writer, editor | Mia Foster - Producer, photographer | Eugene Kaima - Cinematographer, photographer

Climate change, Economics, Education, Energy, Health, Poverty
charcoal, cinematography, Climate change, cookstoves, deforestation, economics, Eugene Kaima, forests, impact, impact investing, investment, Jesper Hörnberg, Kenya, Mia Foster, saving lives, saving money, venture capital, video production