The Pulse of South Sudan × The World Bank
A multimedia storytelling project for the World Bank in South Sudan
World Bank, South Sudan, video production, video, documentary, economics, data, interactive, testimonials, tablet, interviews, poverty
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Designed to bring complex economic data to life, this multi-dimensional storytelling project has been an ongoing collaboration with The World Bank over the past three years.


Through consultation with The World Bank, our team designed and built a multi-page microsite that presents the real-time data produced by South Sudan’s first ever countrywide economic survey covering market prices, currency inflation and livelihoods.


To complement the interactive quantitative dashboard, we also produced a poignant 15-minute documentary film that illustrates the high-level findings through powerful first-person narratives.


The most innovative aspect of this ongoing multimedia project is the inclusion of testimonial interviews recorded on tablets by researchers from the South Sudan Bureau of Statistics. Our team delivered media trainings to over 50 local researchers, who then recorded more than 200 videos providing a textured qualitative counterpoint to the data.


We are currently in-production for The Somali Pulse, a similar project that aims to document the most ambitious economic survey of the Somali region in history.

Produced ×

The World Bank

Our team

Miranda Grant, Hannah McNeish, Benj Binks, Gabrielle Brady

Economics, Poverty